Many thanks to you Sir for all your helpful and encouraging words and teachings. I am most grateful to you for the copy of your book on the Resurrection that you sent me a copy recently. Thank you once again and I appreciate these shared sermons on small churches -going back to learn from the apostolic days of old- with emphasis on the timeless truths of our ageless Saviour

I appreciate you, your family and ministry and I look forward to keep in touch and to be receiving further helpful Christian publications from your ministry. May you always abound unto every good words and may you have always the Lord's rich blessings and providence on all your labours for our soon coming King.

I remain your son and friend in Jesus,

With love in Jesus,


I have almost finished my 1st reading of the book "Hope of the Resurrection" and  I think it is an excellent contribution to an incredibly significant subject, with some thought provoking new angles - eg the Out of Body Experiences. I was particularly pleased with the 17th chapter. It's written in a different more personal style to the UCG booklet. Had I read this earlier I would have been keen to have met John.

Sydney, Australia

This month being part of marking Father's Day-I want to use this opportunity to thank you and express my debt of appreciation this season for all your pastoral and fatherly love, fraternal concern and  encouragement and support in the Truth.

Honestly, I can't repay all the immeasurable and invaluable treasures of your friendship, support, trust and care. I know the Lord God who you serve will surely give you a full recompense of rewards at the Lord's coming. Thank you for being more than a brother in Christ but a caring and loving father figure and mentor in this our precious faith in Christ and a strong helper of my faith in this narrow journey to the Kingdom. Thank you so much for all your immeasurable fraternal love and tangible contribution to my spiritual growth through all the helpful Bible-based materials you send to me.


I just watched your message "Jesus Lord". I presume this was a sermonette at Perth. It was an excellent and well recorded message. You also touched on a point I have been thinking about recently. I think many in [this] ministry are the successors of the Pharisees. They think you can get into the kingdom by observing rituals. Yes we need to keep the commands, including the Sabbath. But to keep the letter of the law is not enough. God is Love. The commandments show us how to love and they also show God's love for us. After all the Sabbath was made for man, it shows God's love for us. I have many questions for you, so one day I will ring you to discuss.

Victoria, Australia

I love your Hanging Rock film! Not only how you tied in the story of the book and film into Christ being our rock, but the filming and the cutaways you used were on point. The editing never distracted me, and the use of the shot of the boulder stuck between two rocks at the beginning also worked perfectly and made it not just look like you'd chosen any old mountain with rocks, and then to follow up with a shot of the same couple walking away was fantastic. Rebecca also did an excellent job of the framing, and in the end when there seems to be a slow push in on you during your longer segment of talking, made it interesting and it looked like she was actually walking closer to you rather than a zoom or digital zoom, which is what you want. The only funny I have on it is the super cheesy fade out at the end when you walk away, but admittedly it did make me smile.

Sydney, Australia

I really respect the work you do through the medium of film, John. Thank you for tackling the critical subject of mental health and suicide. That is such a great need in the church and society today. Your focus on Christ is an inspiration!


Thank you John for this excellent Christian ministry. The potential utility, the purity and honesty of your work on "messageweek" deserves a wider spread between those who "keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus." The quality of work is unique and this ministry needs our prayers for its potential to take place by the power and grace of God. The short films are great to draw attention even of those who have little interest in these topics.

Greetings in Jesus from you brother in Christ.


Thank you so much for a copy of your wonderful book on Resurrection of the dead.

I love all that you have written - with backing and foundational backing of the Inspired Holy scriptures.

May the Lord really bless you greatly for your gift and investment in transforming people's lives through the proclamation of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.


I can say, however, that I believe what you wrote is true. I don’t disagree with any of it. Yet at the same time, if felt "new" - like I understood for the first time. And it brought me back to that place of "God is good". And I am humbled. Humbled by His love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I do believe He truly desires that all people be saved. As I type those words, I am again tearing up. And so I thank you... God is good. He is Faithful.

Sydney, Australia

I simply wanted to write to thank you for your CEM weekend bible studies on John. My mother and I have been listening every Friday evening to those bible studies ever since Ron Dart started them a few years ago.

We appreciate the effort, and I hope you will be back doing another series some day.


This is not a question, but a compliment. In my opinion, John Klassek and his presentation of the Book of John is the best Weekend Bible Study you have had. He did a great job!


Keep on the good works. God Bless and guide you.


Keep up the good work!


Recently you gave a friend of mine a very interesting book, "Hope of the Resurrection" while she sat reading in a Perth shopping centre. She loaned it to me and I became very interested in as it explained the Bible very clearly with regards to the resurrection, something I’ve never seen before. I am very keen to have a copy of your book if you would be kind enough to send one to me. I have enclosed $10 for postage. My friend also was very interested; could you then possibly send me two copies so that she could have a copy too? I congratulate you on having written such a wonderful book.

Victoria, Australia

Be blessed, servant of the most High God! I love your messages in the Message Week!


I've watched a couple more of your videos. They are exactly the kind of pieces that I have wanted to make. The five to six minute format gives you enough time to make your point without losing the interest of the viewer. I think that your pieces are more effective than anything that is being done by the big churches. You have a very engaging and sincere screen presence. The scripts are very well written and the video production and effects are excellent.


Thanks for a Godly website that is making the truth available in the midst of our "toxic" internet. Good to see another light shining!

Victoria, Australia

I am writing to thank you for your website,, and your wonderful videos and messages. I discovered your website as I was searching the web about a month ago. I was in search of material to listen to or watch concerning the Sabbath and the truth about other Biblical topics.

Our family has now watched several of your videos and we liked them very much. We will continue to regularly check your website for new messages. My husband and I have been members of the Worldwide Church of God for many years (you may be aware of the drastic changes this group has undergone). We prefer to attend Church on the Sabbath and so seek out truthful videos and messages on the internet. Thank you, again, and I will pray that God blesses your efforts in preaching the true Gospel.


A most interesting site, with clear bible based messages that have a wide appeal, well done. I first heard of you and the site from a friend in Northam West Australia. Having made a steam engine myself many years ago you touched on some very relevant points about creation as you described your steam engine production. I would like to meet you some day, in the meantime I wish you and your family, as well as your valuable work, the Lords blessing for the time ahead.

Western Australia

All the videos I watched were great. Very great. Loved them.


The longer impromptu interview on Heaven and Hell was very encouraging.  I was amazed at how accurately and calmly you answered the interviewer's questions, without the opportunity to reflect on them and rehearse. Very well done! Surely the minds of viewers will be challenged to consider our non-traditional thinking about these topics, and you accomplished that without a hint of criticism or judgment toward those who embrace the orthodox views of Heaven and Hell.


Your videos are very well presented and explain the truths of God's word in a way anyone should be able to understand. In other words, I enjoy watching/hearing them. One thing I would like to know; are your DVDs available for shipment to the US? I would be more than willing to pay postage and any other costs associated with them. Hope to hear from you on this and also wish for you and yours a very peaceful Sabbath and following week.


Thank you very much for your new film “The Face of Change”. It is very interesting. That's right - everywhere you look you see Buddhist figurines. It is really quite sad.

Adelaide, Australia

Greetings in the name of Jesus! Great Job! I really enjoyed "The Wrath of God" and think that it covers most of the bases for the subject, even though it took you two parts:-) I know the temptation to edit things back seems to fall in line with the "less is always better" literary theory. However, I am amazed that God does not practice it in the narrative of scripture. In fact, he is somewhat "wordy"  but I am thankful for all of them! God bless you brother! I will be sure to make the Youtube site for messageweek better known among us as well.


It is my prayer that God reward you so much for you good work so that you continue to help us. May God also bless your ministry and everything you do. I am looking forward to receiving the Message Week DVD. Thank you for that.


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers, hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the saints, that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus. May God bless you brother.


Congrats on your latest film 'The Wrath of God'. Brilliant. Keep up the excellent work, you are pioneering the truth of God in a way few have done. Wish we lived closer.

Feel free to send me a copy of any of your DVDs. We will enjoy watching them, and find them helpful in many ways

Brisbane, Australia

I showed some of your video clips to some folk on the Sabbath and they were impressed.

Sydney, Australia

We have watched the DVD from the Feast twice, on two consecutive evenings. Wonderful sermon, John. The MessageWeek films are very impressive, too. Our daughter was really taken with the last one, "The God of our Imagination".

Perth, W. Australia

I was inspired by the way you once recollected the journey of the gospel," travelling via leather sandals on dusty roads, before traversing the seas in wooden sailing ships". Indeed today, the gospel knows no bounds, breaking new frontiers, and penetrating every crevice. Keep up the good work.

Perth, W. Australia

I like the way you state the truth, clearly enough to be understood; so many seem to beat around the bush when it comes to God's word.

Perth, W. Australia

Yours is the best. Thank you for the fine videos. Thank you for your service in keeping us connected to the information we need to be hearing about in regards to God's word. I hope someday you can visit us here in the States.


The MessageWeek Web site is a first-class operation, and John's messages are solid meat. I wish we could get [our website] site up to that standard.


I was impressed by the message on 'The God of our Imagination.' Having visited with John Klassek, the presenter and seen his in-home studio, this is a very good service that he is providing to the Church of God and world as a whole. In fact, he has produced a number of short video messages available at that site well worth watching.

Sydney, Australia

I did watch your short film and it really hit the nail on the head, flowed real well and got the messge over in a short time-span. Well done! It did show what God is really like and man's misconceptions - that quote from Dawkins was eye-opening - he was worse than I thought!

Sydney, Australia

Great to see your family enjoying FOT in QLD. Keep up the good work.

Perth, Australia

We watched "Hearts of the Fathers" last night. Congratulations: for the Holy Spirit guiding you all the way through, the kind of sermon where you want to hear more and more; the words and the analogies and the exhortations just poured forth, one after another. Quite frankly, I don't recall ever having heard a sermon of that caliber before. Through you, our loving God certainly gave the audience of His best.

Perth, Australia

Hi John, "Do you know your father" is excellent. I will show it next Sabbath at services, for Father's Day. God bless.

Adelaide, Australia

I just watched The Sabbath Experience - great work.  Well presented and scripted. So good to see you teaching God's way. His Law is all about freedom, and the Sabbath is at the heart of it.

Brisbane, Australia

You have a wonderful ministry which my wife and I greatly appreciate. May our Lord continue to use you and your messages to build many up and bring others to know Him!

Geelong, Australia

John, I admire the good work you have been doing, keep it up.


Excellent work! I thank God for your ministry and pray for your continued blessings!


Great work John, as ever! In my opinion, it will be of great utility to spread this last film (as all the others) to our brothers in the Church of God. I saw some signs of adoption of the cross as Christian symbol. To me that is a great error and is not in the traditional of Church of God. Lets keep our mind on Jesus and not in the barbarity of the cross. Because the cross is empty, Jesus is not there. God bless and keep you. Give our greetings to the Church and have a good Sabbath.


I wanted to say that I am a Christian as well. I am so thrilled because although I made an error with my email, it is obvious this has been one of those "God" moments.

I have been very blessed to be given the opportunity to have Message Week as my home page, and I am able to be inspired and uplifted. I pray for great success and blessings as you bless others. Keep on doing your best for Him, because He sent His best for us, amen.


Thank you for the DVD's. We watched "Your Best Bet" in church last Sabbath, excellent! May the Lord bless you and your family always. Yours in Christ.

Adelaide, South Australia

You are a great speaker and your wife Rebecca is a good piano player. I saw some of your work "The Genesis Heritage" and "Celebrating the Kingdom of God Festival 2006". Some of the films I can't open and I don't know why but I will try again with different way.


I have just watched the free DVD featuring your recent films, and want to say how much I have appreciated all of them. How anyone could fault them defies imagination. Well done, and keep up the good work.

Perth, Western Australia

I enjoyed visiting your MessageWeek site. It's attractive. Your commentary on future probation for those who never heard the true gospel (which, inferring from your writing, will be most of the "unsaved") is of great interest to me.

You present it in an appealing manner, but I must confess that the primary texts you cite (John 5; Ezekiel 37; Rev. 20) have never struck me as having that primary intent. I hope you are right in the larger meaning you discern in them.

It is much easier for me to accept this scenario than the traditional view of Christendom that those who died in ignorance of Christ are thereby destined for hell -- especially if "hell" means eternal torment (which is also very dubious, of course).


I have some questions that are worrying me about your religious change. I have heard that you are starting your own religion? How come? What is wrong with what you were taught? Why are you following the Old Covenant? Don't you realise that the Old Covenant has been made obsolete? The Old Covenant was given by God to Moses for the Ancient Israelites only. The New Covenant was introduced by Jesus Christ, as a New Covenant for everyone.

The Old Covenant was a set of rules engraved by God on slab of rock. Jesus Christ has put the New Covenant into our hearts and minds. Jesus said in Mat 5;17-20 that He did not come do away with the Law and the Prophets, but to fulfill them. This He has done. He gave a new Commandment in John 13:34, which says, " A new Command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

So if we keep this Command it embodies all of the Ten., and Jesus embodies the Sabbath. Our Sabbath rest is in Him. We depend on Jesus.

Please don't take it that I am criticising you in any way. You are a great thinker and a superb speaker, and I admire your ability to bring the truth of God to your listeners, putting into it the words we can understand. In Christian love I say this.

Thank you for your message week. It is a blessing. Your friends in America.

I really appreciate the work you put into this ministry. Thanks.

I have concerns about your program, both in content and style. Again, although I know you to be sincere and well intentioned, the style of the program is... not one I would want to perpetuate.

The best explanation on Intelligent Design I've ever heard. It was really inspiring. I would like to show this film to my friends at our weekly Bible Study.

I love all of the movies. They were great. I loved the Girl in the Window. It was the best film ever.

I make a point of thanking you for interest and energy which you deploy to proclaim the Good News. I also make a point of transmitting to you my greeting of the end of the world! From the end of world. Thank you.

Let me thank you for continually helping me and others in our walk with God through the video messages. I do find them uplifting and inspiring.

Concerning this week: Blessed are those that have found that 'rest'. I speak from personal experience and it's all there in the book we call the Holy Bible. Keep at it John, and from the credits the production can be seen as a 'real family' affair. Wunderbar.

Wanted to say well done on some of the recent videos. I've enjoyed the manner in which many have been presented, such as "I Was Thirsty", "Belief" and Paul's Flight messages. Excellent content, good locations (I thought you looked great sitting outside the brick wall and painted door - a conducive setting) and filmwork. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

I was very much impressed by this week's MOTW -"I was Thirsty" In this age of "You deserve it" and "Always look after No.1 first" perhaps we all need to ask God more often - "How can I be of help to others?" Even just an hour a week of appropriate, conscious and dedicated service to those in need can make a difference. It certainly makes a difference in God's eyes.

Is it possible to send me "all" the messages over the past several years on win 95 compatible CDs, so that in turn I can incorporate them into Bible Study Teaching CDs. We hope to create this for several scattered church groups who are happy to see "anything", regardless of the low technical quality?

A big thanks to all you special people who have made this service available - and free. Keep up the good work. You are in our thoughts and prayers

Once again the Message of the Week “You are my friends” was right to the point and easy to understand. I sensed that the visual promo of the magazine as part of the message was an improvement against the previous voice-over method. The broadcast just keeps getting better.

I am very much interested in such publications and after reading the text, I will definitely send you my comments. Despite being a Hindu by religion, I read the religious literatures of all sort and believe that God is one and we all worship some aspect of that Mighty. May God bring peace to this world!

Wonderful site. I hope you continue with success. Thank you and God bless

Impressive site. Hope magazine & CD help outreach & teach/interest my children. Am member of Sydney congregation. Thankyou & keep up good work.

I just watched all the 2002 MOTW clips, as I have had technical trouble receiving them. I just wanted to let you know that by watching them on Media Player, I had no trouble at all and was able to watch them and hear them well.  Thank you for adding that feature recently, and all the work that you and your team have put into MOTW to bring us the word of God. I am sure that there are many people all over the world that appreciate this service. God Bless and may you be able to continue serving in this way.

Great work people, terrific to see God's message is still being delivered in the lastest medium the Internet. The site is great and the messages give my spirit a lift, keep up the great work, it is very much appreciated.

I can only look and admire the strength of the Lord on people on the other side of the world (like Australia). I wish you to continue with continuity, courage, selflessly. Once again, thanks for the Message of the Week CD. Thank you a thousand time, I salute you and glory to the Lord.

It is fantastic to see what can be done over the net. Keep up the great work and may God be with you all as you continue to fulfill your part of the directive left to us all in Matthew 28. I would like to make a contribution to your Message of the Week program. Could you please tell me the account details or however you like to receive a contribution.

I am the webmaster for the WCG church in Fairfield, California. I just wanted to say that I am impressed with your production of Message of the Week videos. Keep up the good work.

I stumbled on your site and found the content wonderful. Thank God for your ministry!

Very enjoyable presentation. I haven't watched every clip, but the improvement continues. I enjoyed the supplementary material. It's looking good for the future.

I've been picking up on your web page for the past few weeks and have nothing but admiration for the work you and your team are doing. I am also appreciative of the fact that such a program is not put together without the need for financial support. With this in mind, I am forwarding a cheque for $100. to assist in your outreach program and pray that God will continue to bless your efforts.

Hi there! Thanks for keeping MOTW going! Much appreciated!

I think your web site is really great, you have so much to offer in the name of Christ. Keep up the great work that goes into such a wonderful program.

What a fabulous web site. Am still exploring and looking to learning much more. Such great work you are all doing. Got the address from Lindsay Stephens at Mooroolbark - VIC last Saturday. Thanks and praises be to God.

I read the piece regarding the Sabbath. It doesn't really say we need to keep the Sabbath to be saved. I read the 10 Commandment part, which only gives gentle general information. The creation piece ended with what all should end with: "And don't let the 'detractors' get your back up - some of us we're once like them. Let faith and friendship come before 'facts'".

Hi! I wish to let you know that the new Broadband download format works fine. Playing it full screen is now worthwhile. Thanks for improving the video quality. The messages, of course, are very inspiring and profitable.

I LOVE to visit and listen to the Message of the Week. I REALLY appreciate the gentle way in which Brother John Klassek delivers the WORD OF GOD. It's not an "over-worked" ranting and raving... it's peaceful and informative and non-assuming... it's the TRUTH, presented as itself... and without the emotional perception that theatrics may somehow add something to it.

I salute your efforts to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs to hear what Our Father has planned for us. My prayers are that you will reach literally millions, make that BILLIONS, of our fellow man with these life saving messages. Your brother in Christ Jesus,

Just checking out the site. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoy them and look forward to each new message. Job well done. [I heard about Message of the Week when] my son moved to Australia in 1997 so one day while checking out the church page I happened to click on. Glad I did.

I enjoy the message of the week. Thank you for sending it.

Well Done! Great service and you've done a terrific job in the presentation of it. Definitely first rate! Blessed Be!

I checked out your page through the C-Web members page. Your page is so nice!

Hi there. Thanks for maintaining your excellent website, and providing the regular "Message of the Week". Keep up the good work!

We would enjoy receiving the "Message of the Week" CD. We have seen and heard some of the messages online, and we think you are doing a great job.

Followed link from WCG Canada web site. Took me a while to get to it, but I will be looking for more in the future. Thanks for this ministry.

Thank you so much for your Message of the Week. It is very encouraging and uplifting. I really appreciate it.

I appreciate your videos and will soon be adding a link to them as they are a valuable Christian resource.

Just wanted to say thanks for keeping me on your list.  It's encouraging to listen to these messages, the impact is higher than the "hours" in the classroom and are a freshness in my day. Again thanks.

Hi! We certainly find your work beneficial and encouraging. Last Saturday, I downloaded the three latest videos and played them during our worship service. Thanks, and God bless.

Hi. Have just caught up with a few of your videos of the week.  You are doing an excellent job!

Just wanted to say how much I think of your video ministry - you're doing a great job and I really admire your style. You present in a very casual way, yet with a simple and succinct message. Keep up the great work.

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