Pandora’s Box of Biological Warfare

“There’s something puzzling about the COVID-19 virus,” chuffed Peter as he sipped the last of his tea. This old timer had thought he’d seen it all. He went on to explain what he thought about the coronavirus pandemic. He explained that nothing like the serious travel restriction has ever occurred before. He then went on the say that the gene complexity of this deadly pathogen defies the possibility of randomly generated mutations. The ongoing media and scientific narrative from a variety of sources don’t seem to collectively make sense. Did a smelly wet animal market in a Chinese province really Continue Reading

Say it how it is

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to be able give a honest answer from the depths of our convictions to clearly, intelligently and patiently articulate our unambiguous and uncompromising Biblical position on any given subject. What do you believe about abortion? Sexuality? The LGBT movement? Marriage? Evolution versus faith? In our busy and often distracted world, many simply do not have the time or impetus to carefully think through the big issues of life. Who am I? What do I believe and why? Is there any purpose to life? Might my current position be wrong, Continue Reading

Corona Virus Insurance

Travel the world they said. Seek adventure, the billboard said. If it feels good, do it, they chorused. However, the natural law of consequence and risk was never mentioned. Consider, for a monent, that the risk of being infected with the coronavirus over the next few months is generally assessed at the moment as being very high, given its virulence and the little we know about it. So let’s ask: would a comprehensive insurance policy mitigate against all possible outcomes? Of course, not. What about other risks? The mystery of the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370, lost without trace under inexplicable Continue Reading

The Power of the Pen and the Camera

We’ve been busily writing and preparing new content. When some sigh at the word “doctrine”, other’s attention perk up. We’ve been working on a doctrinal series, presented both as live-streamed sermons, as well as later edited in HD our studio. Explaining what we believe and why is important. Heartfelt testimony matters. Faith and hope matter. Rationale and insight matter. Good exegesis and apologetics are essential for those Spirit-led in those areas. We also see the need for shorter, creatively produced video posts. The YouTube universe is growing, not only as a source of entertainment but also providing educational and thought-provoking Continue Reading

Fire and Flood!

Another devastating fire season has come and gone in Australia, leaving in its path thousands of hectares of burnt out landscape, houses turned to ash, 129 deaths, massive loss of livestock and innumerable endemic animals gone. The very faint wisp of smoke on a 45 Celsius degree day is enough to send panicked phone calls to emergency services. Vast tracts of farm land still smoulder. Bush land is eerily blackened. For a few weeks, the Eyre Highway was closed, isolating Western Australia from its usual conveyance of trucks laden with essential supplies. Caravans (RVs), trucks and cars were stranded in Continue Reading

Cringe Factor

When we say that over two decades we’ve produced some 678 gospel videos, the first curious question is where are they all hosted? Our old website unfortunately has hundreds of broken links, because in the years prior to YouTube, our WMV and RM files were often hosted on users’ ISP server space. Many of those accounts have been closed, and very few people watch video content nowadays in Windows Media or Real Player formats. There’s another reason why we’re not actively promoting those early videos, and it’s what we all recognise as the “cringe factor”. The enthusiasm of those early Continue Reading

Online Reach

We’re always pleasantly gladdened to hear the affirming responses from our viewers. The reason being is that the universal and timeless nature of the gospel resonates with those who have received and believed in Jesus Christ. This transformational experience results in a seeing and hearing that transcends our physical human limitations. The gospel is indeed good news. It’s the best news we could ever hear. Indeed, it is LIFE. Whether someone lives on an isolated farm, or in a city apartment block, or whether they’re just around the corner or somewhere far away on another continent speaking another language, the Continue Reading


Thanking God for His providence over many decades, slowly heading along the path Christ is leading. As a result, and I trust that this is true for most of us sojourners, the desired outcome is that we all have a testimony – our own unique story of joy and sadness, struggle and gain, even temptation and courage! What’s your story? Do you have one? We’ve been telling the same story by video for some 22 years now. The chief protagonist is Jesus. The scene is corruption, decay, wickedness amidst smoldering promise and hope. It’s a battle between good and evil, Continue Reading