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Christian Ordinances

What's our genuine, heartfelt and thought-through response to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ? "What shall we do?" was the first century cry of folk, who like us, discovered that it was our sin that crucified the Messiah. 25 min. #885

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The Holy Spirit

God's personal presence and power lives in those surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ in thought, word and deed. Presented by Elder Joshua Anderson. 22 min. #884

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The Church

Known as "the Bride, the Body and the Building", The Church - from "This We Believe" series, presented by Elder Joshua Anderson. 32 min. #883

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Jubilee - Release and Liberty

Celebrating a Golden Jubilee of 50 years is a significant milestone, especially for its universal liberty and reconciling nature - freedom from enslavement and oppression to a life of grace and truth. 9 min. #882

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Man, Salvation & Life

Sinful humanity may be saved from the penalty of eternal death and receive eternal life instead, solely by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, apart from human merit, works, or ceremonies. 31 min. #881

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What is Man?

Why would God be bothered with us sinful and wayward creatures?

37 min. #880

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What's the narrative behind God's surgical creation of Eve? And, what's the story with Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah? What is it that God is telling us? It's a shocking but true revelation! 34 min. #879

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Begotten Son of God

Understanding the identity, character and nature of the Lord Jesus Christ is absolutely crucial to a complete, authentic and articulate understanding of the rest of scripture! Who was Jesus Christ? From whence is His origins? And then, importantly, what does it mean for us? 23 min. #878

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Accompanied by Jesus

Celebrating Christ's good work among us. Working for doctrinal unity, global evangelism and missionary support, the International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) pauses on 5th November 2022 amidst trial and tribulation, victory and joy, to recognise and proclaim the centrality of our Lord Jesus Christ. 27 min. #877

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The Holy Bible

The Bible is the only authoritative and infallible rule of faith and conduct for humanity. The central theme of the Bible is God's message of salvation by grace through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. 31 min. #876

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The Goodness of God...

Rebecca shares a song "The Goodness of God" (by Jess Johnston) during Sabbath worship services in Mundaring, Western Australia. Pastor John then shares sermon message "The Search for Identity". 25 min. #875

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The Search for Identity

The search for identity is relentless, irresistible and rewarding! Having discovered that her "father" was a sperm donor, she relentlessly began a search for her "identity". "Who am I and where do I come from?" What about you? Do you know who you really are? 21 min. #874

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Author and Finisher

Some things we are called to fully participate in, and yet others we're exhorted to just stand still.

33 min. #873

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Unfinished Business

Commemorating the work of our High Priest Jesus in the removal of sin and its source from the entire world.

21 min. #872

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Celebrating Resurrections

Do you believe that Jesus was bodily resurrected after being in the grave for three days and three nights? If and as you do, then this faith position also includes promises of subsequent resurrections - either to life or to judgment.
42 min. #871

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Resurrection Reality

Is there any single, irrefutable premise to believe in the unseen - the certain hope of living beyond this life? It's a question we all must answer. 10 min. #870

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Priests of the Most High God

Not just a vocational calling, but a duty and call for every follower of Jesus Christ, our High Priest. 33 min. #869

(Studio filming.)

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Priests of the Most High God

The work and calling of a priest isn't a future proposition nor is it necessarily vocational ministry - it's the calling of all who are in Christ. 22 min. #868

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The Battle is the LORD's

How strong or capable are you in the day of adversity? How well equipped and trained are you? What battles do we engage in, or choose to walk away from? 32 min. #867

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A Calling to Transformation

Paul takes us on a journey that begins with divine calling that is manifest through baptism and progresses into works of ministry. 25 min. #866

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Persistence in Prayer

Going through a season of the "dark night of the soul"? Or struggling with perfunctory prayer? Then this message is designed to encourage and inspire. Wrestling with God will take on a whole new perspective: fellowship! 35 min. #865

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Madeline will live again

At the heart of every human is the seed of hope, and at the heart of hope is the desire for certainty. Madeline will live again. She will one day hear Jesus' voice, but for now she sleeps. As confronting as the loss of a loved one might be, we find comfort and consolation in true hope! In Jesus we have truth. 1 min. #864

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Jesus cursed the fig tree!?

How easy it is to erroneously interpret a story, narrative or incident thousands of years ago, when we have little or no context of the time, place, people, politics, culture and setting of those distant, original events. 30 min. #863

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Just One Word, LORD!

"Just one word," is a great starting place. But it mustn't stop there. Fellowship, communion, sacrifice, submission and surrender, hope and aspiration, ministry amidst joy and tribulation is all part of the ongoing faith journey.
31 min. #862

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Just One Word!

Recalling the Transfiguration event, if you were to receive an epiphany, vision or revelation in the Spirit, what would be Jesus' first words to you?  34 min. #861

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The Spirit of Prophecy

Many well-intentional folk soon learn is that we can easily try too hard to elucidate a time-line of sorts of the exact chronological sequence of apocalyptic events as necessary salvation issues. 38 min. #860

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Never Seen a Bible!

There are many youth who have never seen a Bible, less heard any of its great stories or characters. 3 min. #859

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Seize The Day

When the men get it right, with Christ-like love and leadership, wives, families and communities are blessed and prosper. Young women want men who love Jesus more than they love them! But when men get it wrong, abdicate, and are weakened, families fall apart, society suffers, evil reigns, and nations end up in exile! 28 min. #858

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Justice & Judgement

Everything we say or do is measured against the fullness and stature of Jesus Christ, and he has the authority to execute judgement! 35 min. #857

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In Jesus' Name

Baptised into Jesus' name, justified by his righteousness, forgiven and washed by his blood, Jesus' disciples know that our Heavenly Father hears the powerful and validating signature of "In Jesus' Name". 14 min. #856

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Justice & Mercy

In Christ, God's justice and mercy are on display!

22 min. #855

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Gifts Based Ministry

What does God want you to do - where you are, how you're gifted and equipped, and with what you already have?
30 min. #854

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When Jesus returns, he promises to reward the faithful according "to what they have done". So, what are we doing now that might be commendable before God?
25 min. #853

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From Wandering to Wonder

She worshipped without reserve, disrupting the moment and despite the vocal critics, gave her best. And Jesus honoured her, noting that the memory of her grace would be perpetually remembered. 21 min. #852

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The Glory of Creation

Do we even begin to understand the power and glory of the God who speaks? Do we limit him by our finite view by touting he can't possibly do the things he claims to, such as "speaking" the cosmos into existence in just six days?
32 min. #851

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Resurrection Hope

"If a man dies, shall he live again?" A question from antiquity asked about 5000 years ago. Do we have any reason to hope in the transcendent beyond our last breath? 23 min. #850

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Righteousness By Faith

Sermon message exploring the nature of seeking our rights versus pursuing the righteousness of God. 36 min. #849

Bruised but not Broken

Righteousness By Faith

In pursuing our rights over and above righteousness we risk essentially being concerned with being correct at any cost and at achieving "justice" now. This correctness in the eyes of others but also in our own self-perception can lead us into the devil's playground of entitlement. Righteousness, on the other hand, is being concerned solely with what God thinks. 39 min. #848

Bruised but not Broken

Bruised but not Broken

Moulded, shaped and tested in fire by the master artisan, true beauty, quality and holiness is borne through difficult process often characterised by suffering. 33 min. #847

Glimpses of Glory

Suffering for Righteousness

Do you ever reflect on the nature of suffering, and how God uses the fiery nature of trial and disappointment to burn off the "deadwood" lingering in our lives so that the remaining and precious "gold tried by fire" is a testimony to His glory and ultimate redemptive purpose in Christ? 23 min. #846

Glimpses of Glory

Glimpses of Glory

The symbol of the Tree of Life at the centre of Eden was barred from human access by an angelic being of the highest order. For some it's a mystery, for others a myth, and yet for a remaining few the best news we could ever understand!
33 min. #845

Counsel, Clarity, Conviction, Comfort and Courage

Counsel of the Holy Spirit

Limited faith, trepidant feet, and a hardening of the heart or deafened ears limit or blind us from the enormous panorama of potential glory that awaits. 36 min. #844

The Lord's Supper 2022

The Lord's Supper

As children of God redeemed from certain death, it's with great joy that we celebrate, proclaim and commemorate this defining historical moment in a greater salvation narrative that centres entirely on the Lord Jesus Christ. 6 min. #843

Our Victory in Christ

Victory in Christ

Why did God allow his perfection of paradise of heaven intersecting earth in Eden become so fatally compromised by the slithering serpent bent on discord, lies, fear, guilt and shame? 19 min. #842

Facing the foreboding with faith or fear!

Facing the Foreboding

How do we approach the foreboding and unknown? Faith, flight or fear? 2 min. #841

Ninety miles or more

90 Miles

Travelling the long, expansive stretches of road towards fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. 1 min. #840

The search for identity and truth!

In His Presence 2

Exploring the omnipotence of God, and carrying in our person His radiance - even in the presence of enemies!
28 min. #839

In the Lord's Presence

In His Presence

Experiencing God's Presence - while seated at His table but often in the presence of our enemies. What does it look like to experience and abide in God's presence? 36 min. #838

The search for identity and truth!

Taste and See that
the LORD is Good!

In the search for hope, meaning, identity and purpose, are we looking in the wrong places? (Livestreamed and studio filmed at House Church.) 22 min. #837

Hope, Meaning, Purpose and Identity

Hope, Meaning, Identity & Purpose

Do you embrace as truth or deny as fantasy the God who reveals himself in the Lord Jesus Christ? Whatever our position, are we courageous enough to explore those really big life questions? 26 min. #836

From Rejection to Glory

From Rejection To Glory

"The Ugly Duckling" story is a metaphor that speaks deeply into rejection, discrimination and bullying. All of us have experienced rejection at some level. The question is, does this kind of marginalisation and cancel culture define and destroy us, or does it have the opposite effect of equipping, empowering and enabling us to reach an even higher potential? 15 min. #835

Proclaiming the power of Jesus' death and resurrection.

The Lord's Supper

Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God? Do you believe that Jesus was bodily resurrected after being in the grave three days and three nights? Have you repented of your sins, and counted the cost? What, then, are you waiting for? 32 min. #834

Be a welcoming church

Welcoming Church

Committed to both personal and collective growth, is your local church welcoming to the degree that those called by our heavenly Father experience the love and truth of Christ among us? How welcoming are we? 11 min. #833

Jesus is coming. Are we ready?

Yesterday, Today & Forever

Rather than exclusively focus on the past or the future, faithful followers of Jesus cherish a tangible and powerful covenant fellowship today that transcends the hopelessness and despair that many otherwise experience. And Jesus' followers still await that trumpet sound of glory when he returns in might and power! 13 min. #832

Legalism, Licence and Liberty

Legalism, Licence & Liberty

Across the panorama of faith and belief, where are you on the spectrum of legalism and licence? 34 min. #831

Reigniting First Love - Jesus' insistence when love wanes

Reigniting First Love

What does Jesus say to those who have lost their first love? How can we keep love's embers burning and avoid the ultimate tragedy of "growing cold"? 14 min. #830

Covenant and Commission, Sabbath and Authenticity in Christ

Covenant & Commission

A covenant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is important to understand and to accurately and clearly articulate. A relationship can be anything these days: de facto, homosexual, polygamous, or any other variant other than “monogamous”!  31 min. #829

How hungry are you to really live?

The Bread of Life

The truly great visionaries, whose hearts and minds are bigger than the world can contain, centre their conversation, lives and testimony around the Lord Jesus Christ.
31 min. #828

Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God - destined to live forever.

Led by the Spirit

Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

Sermon message by Joshua Anderson. 22 min. #827

Why are there less men in church? Where are they?

Men in Church?

Why there aren't more men in church ? Exploring the Biblical role of women in church life under the terms of the new covenant in Christ. 16 min. #826

There is no greater joy than knowing our Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him finding our true identity, vision, courage and clarity, purpose, meaning and destiny.

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