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If you visit the very oldest of cemeteries, you might be surprised by what your great grandparents believed. Because etched into their tombstones are epitaphs and sentiments that tell us of their faith. They anticipated being reunited again.

The resurrection of all people isn’t a new idea. It’s a forgotten truth. It’s not the sort of promise you can easily ignore. Either you die, and remain as dust forever, or you awaken, sometime in the future, to literally live again and finally see God.

This book is all about the future – a future you surely want to know about. We travel back in time and examine crucial eye-witness accounts of people who came back from the dead. Found consistently throughout the scriptures, references to the resurrection are in our creeds and gilded in our epitaphs. Far from being ethereal, the hope of the resurrection is profoundly comforting for those of us who have experienced the death of a loved one.

Film producer and church elder, John T Klassek is married to Rebecca and they have six children. Living in rural Western Australia, John wrote this book based on the resurrection themes that, appearing in several of his short gospel films, are found in the Bible.

With warm and hope-filled words directly from Jesus, may the Hope of the Resurrection lift and inspire you to believe and experience the best news we could ever hear!

Author John Klassek promoting Hope of the Resurrection at the Old Ballarat Cemetery in Victoria, Australia, where some 35,000 pioneer settlers lie asleep, awaiting their day of resurrection!

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