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"A visual culture requires a visual gospel."

Support our ministry work. Your partnership in sharing the gospel is appreciated.

We are a not-for-profit, free community media streaming ministry, utilising video to share the best news we could ever hear!

For the past 23 years we have invested significant resources and finances into making the gospel message more accessible in today's media-savvy generation. 

We understand that "a visual culture requires a visual gospel." Note how television and movies have shaped society's moral compass!

Our mission is to authentically share the good news of Jesus Christ. We hope and pray this ministry is also a blessing to you. Your partnership is appreciated.

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Help reach another lost person with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you.

Your support helps us pay for regular hosting and domain fees, various server and software licenses, equipment upgrades, on-location expenses, training and other general production costs involved in not only maintaining but also developing this gospel service. Our video editor works on each video for serveral days each week without renumeration. Currently, we would like to ultimately facilitate a bigger and more suitable studio area. We also have some current outstanding Messageweek debts that need to be met.

Last year we replaced one of our cinema cameras, replaced several on-location camera batteries, and upgraded our primary in-house server. We also reprinted "Resurrection Hope" in both English and Spanish, freely available to those who would like a copy.


Donate by direct bank transfer:

J&R Klassek T/A Classic IT Support and Messageweek Ministries
NAB (National Australia Bank)
SWIFT (BIC) CODE: NATAAU3303M (International Transfers)
BSB NUMBER: 086877
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 45 964 0570

Film studio address is:
Messageweek Media Ministries
28 Rose Terrace
Spencers Brook WA 6401 Australia

PO Box 777
Northam WA 6401 Australia


Thank you for your support.

An empowering word reaching one person at a time is how Christ's Kingdom is enlarged.