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Christian Living

What does an authentic follower of Jesus Christ look like in the day-to-day routine of life? How do we put righteousness into practice?

24 min. #890

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God's Irrevocable Calling

Can we begin understand the nature of our high calling in Christ? What radical changes have happened in your life since following Jesus? And how have those changes affected you and those around you? 21 min. #889

Messageweek Ministries

The Sabbath

God not only commands the Sabbath, but also invites us to participate in the gift of rest. No ambiguity exists as to the Sabbath's origin or whether its observance is God's will.
27 min. #888

Messageweek Ministries

The Sabbath

The gift of Sabbath rest is not irrelevant for Christians under the new covenant gospel; in fact, our willingness to obey God's commandments is a measure of our love for Christ!
24 min. #887

Messageweek Ministries

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments were known and obeyed by faithful people long before the law was delivered to by Moses to ancient Israel. Implicit as they were before the Sinaitic covenant, people were still accountable to God's righteous standards of morally right behaviour. 34 min. #886

"This We Believe" series

This We Believe series is continued on our 2022 video page

There is no greater joy than knowing our Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him finding our true identity, vision, courage and clarity, purpose, meaning and destiny.

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