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Elevated in the Holy Spirit

Revisiting Pentecost and celebrating the birthday of the church era with the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. On receiving the Holy Spirit, these men and women who would then go on proclaim in testimony the very words of God.
30 min. #916

Messageweek Ministries

Clothed in Righteousness

No longer "naked", riddled with sin, guilt and cover-up! No longer vulnerable to sin, self, the influences of the world, or at risk of manipulation and devilish deception. Because of Christ's sacrifice and the ensuing gift of the Holy Spirit, we have become a new creation, dressed in the garments of righteousness and praise! 20 min. #915

Messageweek Ministries

Tested and Rested

Those who testify to really believing and living in the transcendent truth that God is, and thus model their lives accordingly, God nonetheless verifies or tests them for that belief. Did you know that every test is individually and carefully crafted to suit us exactly? 24 min. #914

Messageweek Ministries

Legalism & Licentiousness

Obedience is not to earn our salvation merit with God, but as a genuine response to God’s amazing grace towards us. Nonetheless, know that the world will condemn you, the devil will accuse you, and your religious friends may leave you. Jesus never will! 22 min. #913

Messageweek Ministries

In Mary's Footsteps

Peter ran because he believed. His fellow disciple John ran because he also believed. But the rest of the disciples didn't; they simply trivialised their sisters' testimony. Discover the powerful lesson that speaks to us from across two millennia! 30 min. #912

Messageweek Ministries

The Goodness of God

Unless we understand and fully embrace the goodness of God, the loving and kind nature of our Heavenly Father, we too will be angry and depressed, living a joyless life. God is good - He is intrinsically GOOD! 30 min. #911

Messageweek Ministries

Believe & Receive Jesus

The news was so shockingly good and disarmingly simple that the majority chose not to believe. Instead, disbelieving they walked away from the Bread of Life. 8 min. #910

Messageweek Ministries

Two by Two

Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs, two by two. Why?

41 min. #909

Messageweek Ministries

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God as it exists in the past, present and future, and manifest in the presence and person of the Lord Jesus Christ. 30 min. #908

Messageweek Ministries

Words of Life

Jesus' teachings on His identity as the Bread of Life. And, what did those disciples do? They walked away from Him.
27 min. #907

Messageweek Ministries

Articulate in Speech

Knowing what to say, when and how to say it at the right time is absolutely essential and non-negotiable. The spoken word is perhaps the most powerful cognitive utility we have!
13 min. #906

Messageweek Ministries

The Bread of Life

The tragedy was that everyone knew he was innocent. Everyone knew he had healed the sick, raised the dead, cast our demons and given sight to the blind. Moreover, he was betrayed and then denied by two of his followers, and his life exchanged for that of a known criminal. Everyone knew that this was an egregious injustice. 25 min. #905

Messageweek Ministries

The Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is the negative whisper that we are less than we could be, and worse than we are. It will always exist when we’re outside God’s transcendent grace and truth.
17 min. #904

Messageweek Ministries

The Truth...

“I hooked a fish this big,” said the weekend fisherman with outstretched arms, before bringing his hands closer together to reveal the actual size of the tiny minnow he had caught.

Tell the truth. Be the truth. Seek the truth. 21 min. #903

Messageweek Ministries

Cup of the Eternal Covenant

Why is it necessary to have a covenant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ? Covenant is fundamental and foundational to relationships at all different levels. The highest transcendent form is symbolised by the "cup", and transacted by a supreme act of self sacrifice to accomplish and fulfill the divine redemptive plan. 27 min. #902

Messageweek Ministries

Biblical Prophecy

The end of this age and Christ's return may be nearer than we think, but there is also a great danger with an overt preoccupation with eschatology (end time events).
42 min. #901

Messageweek Ministries

Extra-Biblical Days

The disparities that existed in the first century Christian churches still persist 2000 years later. God tells us acceptable ways to worship Him in holiness, truth and purity, and yet pagan practices have been inculcated into Christian practice.
34 min. #900

Messageweek Ministries

Daughters of the King

Picking up a cross, but receiving a crown! Overcoming the mirror-culture of today's society. Equipping seminar "Daughters of the King" presented by John and Rebecca.
39 min. #899

Messageweek Ministries

Standing in the Gap

In an age governed by situational ethics and the subjectivity of woke ideology, Godly men need to be governed by the Truth of Scripture. God's Word, written and personified, is our ultimate point of reference and moral compass. 48 min. #898

Messageweek Ministries

Sowing, Watering, Reaping

We explore the calling and gifting already given to us. Are we here because someone else's faith preceded ours? May we therefore do what we can, where we are, with what we already have! 33 min. #897

Messageweek Ministries


We are not owners, but we have been entrusted with "stewardship" as fellow workers and helpers of our collective joy. What does "voluntary giving that is not optional" play out in our day to day activities? 26 min. #896

Messageweek Ministries

Military Warfare

As a result - not a cause - of redemption, believers should regard participation in physical warfare as contrary to a Christian's humanitarian calling. 17 min. #895

Messageweek Ministries

The Open Door

Every day, moment by moment, we make conscious choices between good and bad, light and dark, truth and deceit. But, in the end, we don't have to be defined by our past mistakes and sinfulness. We can change and experience redemption. It's our choice! 7 min. #894

Messageweek Ministries

Clean Meats for Food

God's desire for His covenant people to be holy and set apart from the world's wickedness and uncleanness is a constant theme throughout scripture. 23 min. #893

Messageweek Ministries

Financial Stewardship

Instead of giving as a legal obligation, believers now give tithes and offerings in recognition of God's ownership of all things and in gratitude for his marvellous love and bountiful blessings. 22 min. #892

Messageweek Ministries

Christian Living (Part 2)

Evils in the spirit, like envy and covetousness, demand satisfaction and material possessions, as opposed to covenant relationship with and experiencing sufficiency in Christ.

28 min. #891

Messageweek Ministries

Christian Living

What does an authentic follower of Jesus Christ look like in the day-to-day routine of life? How do we put righteousness into practice?

24 min. #890

Messageweek Ministries

God's Irrevocable Calling

Can we begin understand the nature of our high calling in Christ? What radical changes have happened in your life since following Jesus? And how have those changes affected you and those around you? 21 min. #889

Messageweek Ministries

The Sabbath

God not only commands the Sabbath, but also invites us to participate in the gift of rest. No ambiguity exists as to the Sabbath's origin or whether its observance is God's will.
27 min. #888

Messageweek Ministries

The Sabbath

The gift of Sabbath rest is not irrelevant for Christians under the new covenant gospel; in fact, our willingness to obey God's commandments is a measure of our love for Christ!
24 min. #887

Messageweek Ministries

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments were known and obeyed by faithful people long before the law was delivered to by Moses to ancient Israel. Implicit as they were before the Sinaitic covenant, people were still accountable to God's righteous standards of morally right behaviour. 34 min. #886

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