A new year of the same true message: Jesus is Lord. Do you think you already know what that really means?

Truth Spoken 2022

Continuing with fresh insight and gripping conversation.

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Be a welcoming church

Welcoming Church

Committed to both personal and collective growth, is your local church welcoming to the degree that those called by our heavenly Father experience the love and truth of Christ among us? How welcoming are we? 11 min. #833

Jesus is coming. Are we ready?

Yesterday, Today & Forever

Rather than exclusively focus on the past or the future, faithful followers of Jesus cherish a tangible and powerful covenant fellowship today that transcends the hopelessness and despair that many otherwise experience. And Jesus' followers still await that trumpet sound of glory when he returns in might and power! 13 min. #832

Legalism, Licence and Liberty

Legalism, Licence & Liberty

Across the panorama of faith and belief, where are you on the spectrum of legalism and licence? 34 min. #831

Reigniting First Love - Jesus' insistence when love wanes

Reigniting First Love

What does Jesus say to those who have lost their first love? How can we keep love's embers burning and avoid the ultimate tragedy of "growing cold"? 14 min. #830

Covenant and Commission, Sabbath and Authenticity in Christ

Covenant & Commission

A covenant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is important to understand and to accurately and clearly articulate. A relationship can be anything these days: de facto, homosexual, polygamous, or any other variant other than “monogamous”!  31 min. #829

How hungry are you to really live?

The Bread of Life

The truly great visionaries, whose hearts and minds are bigger than the world can contain, centre their conversation, lives and testimony around the Lord Jesus Christ.
31 min. #828

Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God - destined to live forever.

Led by the Spirit

Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

Sermon message by Joshua Anderson. 22 min. #827

Why are there less men in church? Where are they?

Men in Church?

Why there aren't more men in church ? Exploring the Biblical role of women in church life under the terms of the new covenant in Christ. 16 min. #826

Do you think you really understand who Jesus is? Think again!

Lord Jesus Christ

A traitor in an inner circle of friends! With a betrayal of the worst kind, what did Judas not understand about Jesus? 34 min. #825

There is no greater joy than knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him finding our true identity, vision, courage and clarity, purpose, meaning and destiny.

Pastor John Classic

30+ years filming. 825+ gospel films. One compelling message.