About the School:

Dreamland School was founded in the year 2003 by James Donkor Dugger and Agartha Amponsah (a couple) who saw the need to helping the orphans and the disadvantage ones in and around the Akumadan community, in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

The increasing number of orphans, needy and less-fortunate children became a matter of grave concern to the couple and touched their heart so much so that since the year 2000 they conceived the idea of establishing such a school. They then began soliciting assistance to start this noble course which never came until the year 2003 when they began the school on their own with 15 children made up of 5 orphans and 10 needy one. The couple views Dreamland School for orphans, needy and less-fortunate children in the community as their modest contribution to mankind.

It is mainly opened to the needy children, orphans, and less fortunate children. However, some children from other background are admitted. The school has a population of about 300 pupils made up of pre-school up to Junior High School 1, most of whom would not have received any formal education were it not for Dreamland School. The orphans, needy and the less fortunate students pay nothing. They enjoy education, free lunch and feel comfortable.


The Dreamland School is located at Akumadan in the Offinso North District of Ashanti Region of Ghana.  It is about 60 miles from Kumasi the capital city of Ashanti region.


To provide support and assistance to orphans, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable children in society especially in and around the Akumadan Community (Offinso North District) so that they become useful to society.


Dreamland School was founded in year 2003 with only 15 orphans and needy children between the ages of 4 and 6 years, in an uncompleted Church Building.  After about four years, the school was compelled to leave the Church premises which became a big blow to the founders of the school.

Through the help of a philanthropist, the school was allowed to use a small piece of land on which there was one room landcrete building.  It is on this piece of land that the school has constructed a five classroom wooden structure which is currently in use. And the one-room original landcrete building is being used as the office of the school.

The school has also acquired its own piece of land big enough for its intended future development purposes.


Currently the Dreamland School have been addressing the issues of :


To provide basic education to orphans, street children and less fortunate children to become productive members of the society.

To provide guidance and counseling for the less fortunate children and the orphans for them to utilize their potentials.

To provide basic necessities such as clothing, shelter, health and food for the orphans and the needy children to make life meaningful for them.

During school hours wherever you walk in Akumadan-Offinso you see young children playing in the streets whose parents cannot afford to send their children to school.

Dreamland school is envisioned by James Donkor Dugger and wife Agartha to complement Ghana government's millennium goal to provide education to all children of school going age by 2010.


TThe School currently employs 1 Administrator, 1 Head teacher and 10 classroom teachers. Also there are 2 cooks who see to feeding needs of the children. However, these staffs are woefully remunerated, but they have volunteered to help realise the dream of the school. The District Directorate of the Ministry of Education through its officials do come to inspect the school and to train the teachers from time to time. The primary school provides a basic grounding in English, Maths, Natural Science, ICT, Ghanaian Languages, Religious and Moral Education and Environmental Studies.

In addition, all the children receive lunch at Dreamland School: for some of them it may be the only proper meal they receive all day. The school generally employs local people as teachers, who have successfully completed school but have been unable to progress to further education through insufficient finances.

The school gives them chance to gain some proper working experience and to build up their savings in hopes of continuity on the college or university.

With the aim in mind of improving the standard of education, the school provides and increasing its capacity and security James and Agartha have acquired some plots of land on which they wish to start development of a permanent, purpose-built school. However for such an ambitious project, funds are needed that can be supporting the school projects. It is for this reason that we are inviting you to support our work and help keep the dream of Dreamland school alive.


The following are some of the achievements made by the Dreamland School since its establishment.

For the teaching department, volunteer teachers will be expected to handle at least two classes a day. Construction which is yet to begin will be all from Monday-to-Friday. Volunteers will be expected to donate building supplies.

All travel expenses, food and accommodation will be paid by volunteers. However the food and accommodation will be arranged by the host family.


The present school is made up of 8 temporary wooden classrooms, 1 wooden kitchen and 3 toilets (one for staff, one for the boys and other for the girls).  The breakdown is as follows


Statistics from the Ministry of Education and the reality on the grounds indicate that there are many orphans, needy children, underprivileged children of school-going age in the Akumadan Community who cannot attend school because of poverty related problems and lost of parents.  Out of the many such children, most end up in the streets, abused and neglected as well as engaged in all form of social vices.

Dreamland School project will go a long way to address these problems and try to make life better for the children to be self-reliant in future.