Corona Virus Insurance

Travel the world they said. Seek adventure, the billboard said. If it feels good, do it, they chorused.

However, the natural law of consequence and risk was never mentioned.

Consider, for a monent, that the risk of being infected with the coronavirus over the next few months is generally assessed at the moment as being very high, given its virulence and the little we know about it. So let’s ask: would a comprehensive insurance policy mitigate against all possible outcomes? Of course, not. What about other risks? The mystery of the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370, lost without trace under inexplicable circumstances? What were the chances of survival for those passengers, insured or not?

The dangers and risks associated with everyday life are enormous. One microscopic virus can trigger our entire immune system to fail. One small asteroid, they say, could destroy life on earth. One split-second traffic accident, and too many victims spend the rest of their lives wheel-chair bound.

Is there anything then that might mitigate this sense of foreboding risk – granted that for most of the time we put it out of mind?

This video recounts a recent mid-air emergency, and so explores these questions, directing our certainty not at insurance, or time and chance, or even our best laid plans. Instead, we highlight a certainty and transcendent promise of enormous value.

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By John Klassek