Cringe Factor

When we say that over two decades we’ve produced some 678 gospel videos, the first curious question is where are they all hosted? Our old website unfortunately has hundreds of broken links, because in the years prior to YouTube, our WMV and RM files were often hosted on users’ ISP server space. Many of those accounts have been closed, and very few people watch video content nowadays in Windows Media or Real Player formats.

There’s another reason why we’re not actively promoting those early videos, and it’s what we all recognise as the “cringe factor”. The enthusiasm of those early years certainly shows, but as any disciple knows in their formative years, theirs was a work in progress. I recall eagerly submitting some video content to a television station in the early nineties, and their polite response was that it probably wouldn’t translate well into television. I now understand why! While our old website is still partially functional (with lots of broken links), as time permits we’re currently working to revive a selected few of our older videos. These videos are reprocessed into HTML5 format, and are now hosted on our archive page. In 2016 we rebuilt our website into the current responsive design in order to accommodate increasing smartphone usage.

Keep an eye out on our archive page. You might just find something that takes us all down memory lane.

John Klassek
By John Klassek