Pandora’s Box of Biological Warfare

“There’s something puzzling about the Chinese COVID-19 virus,” chuffed Peter as he sipped the last of his tea. This old timer had thought he’d seen it all. He went on to explain what he thought about the coronavirus pandemic.

He explained that nothing like the serious travel restrictions has ever occurred before in his memory. He went on the say that the gene complexity of this deadly pathogen defies the possibility of randomly generated mutations. The ongoing media and scientific narrative from a variety of sources don’t seem to collectively make sense. Did a smelly wet animal market in a Chinese province really spawn this kind worldwide pandemic? Or, are there more sinister players involved? Did a deadly lab-generated pathogen specifically designed for biological warfare accidentally escape? What about the Chinese cover-up?

Those lab men in white coats studying the COVID-19 virus around the world are not entirely satisfied that the DNA signatures completely match known animal sources. Were human genes spliced into this now deadly pathogen? Is this virus designed to be targeted at particular groups of people? What other important information is the public being shielded from, as increasingly strict quarantine measures are being put into place? These are some of the unanswered questions Peter wrestled with.

I was surprised by Peter’s conclusions. Of course, conspiracy theories abound at a time like this. Large social media concerns and political pundits are working hard to quash what they term “fake news” and misleading viral messages. President Trump said, “This is war!” What did he mean? Iran accused the US for manufacturing a strain of the virus to attack them. A Chinese leader blamed a US serviceman for bringing the coronavirus to China. And, so the misinformation continues.

Peter conceded that if this virus is indeed a biologically engineered tool of war, then the calamity emerging from Pandora’s Box is the hellish nightmare that will forever alter, if not destroy, the world as we know it.

I asked Peter whether he’d like another cup of tea. He paused, before mumbling, “No thanks. A cup of tea just isn’t the same anymore with all this mayhem happening.”