Ride Across Australia

We’re leaving early next Sunday morning to ride our bikes across this great country.  Pictured earlier this year is daughter Hannah and myself on the Avon Valley Black Dog Ride. Hannah is riding her Hyosung 650 and I’m on the Suzuki GSX-R1000.

BlackDogDadHannahNo, we’re not going “just for fun” (although it will certainly be fun). It will also be long, hot and tiring; having said that, it’s especially nice to sleep under the stars, far away from civilisation. It’s called TAWG. Google the acronym.

Mission: We’re taking as many copies of Hope of the Resurrection with us as we can carry, giving autographed copies to people we meet everywhere. We’ve even freighted a box of books to Adelaide, so we can restock!

So, log into this blog again, and see how we’re progressing! And if you’re really game, meet us on the road somewhere.

John Klassek

– John Klassek

Your free copy of Hope of the Resurrection

Perhaps the three greatest questions we could ever ask are:

  • Does God exist?
  • Why was I born?
  • Is there any reason to believe in hope beyond this life?

It’s the sort of question we just can’t escape. Most of the time we simply put it out of our minds. But being dismissive won’t resolve it. To that end we’d like to give you a free book that specifically addresses the last question. Is there any hope, any reason to believe in a great purpose in life?

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Now in its third edition, Hope of the Resurrection explores perhaps those important questions, and focuses on the hope beyond this life.

Order your free copy online now, and we’ll get it in the post to you.

You may also download Hope of the Resurrection in eBook PDF format. No cost. No follow up. Our gift to you.

John KlassekWritten by Western Australian author and Church of God (Seventh Day) elder, John T Klassek

3rd edition, 154 pages, paperback, free

Why I wrote my book

Occasionally I am asked the reasons why I wrote “Hope of the Resurrection”. Others enquire in particular about the nuances of the second resurrection.

The scriptures are quite clear about those who reject Christ, in Jesus’ day and in ours. (I had originally intended, with the editing of the 3rd edition, to write an entire chapter about hell, but decided that there was already sufficient in the book about this subject. Besides, an entire chapter on hell somewhat detracts from the overall “hope” value).

bookcover2014I trust that my book “Hope of the Resurrection” does not make any claims or implications that can be construed as un-Biblical. I do not believe in second-chance theology. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this. Perhaps in a future edition and printing, I will continue to further develop any passages that may not be as clear as they ought. Thanks for your grace in this.

We can take some comfort in Paul’s statement that, “we only know in part and therefore preach in part” [my paraphrase]. (1 Corinthians 13:9)

With regard to any possible hope outcome in the second resurrection, I like the dichotomy of “near-certainty versus mere possibility”. Many of us are somewhere between the two. On the other end of the spectrum, however, are those who believe in total annihilation of all at the second resurrection, regardless of whether they’ve ever heard the truth or not. This view is somewhat hard to reconcile with the Biblical text that discusses righteous judgment. (John 5:30) It is also hard to reconcile with a loving, merciful God who paid in total the sins of this world.

Thus, I believe there can be a range of “peripheral” understandings of what many regard as somewhat “unclear”. This is where our patience and grace ought to come to the fore. Please note that I always refrain from preaching about these “peripheral” things from the pulpit – knowing that in the fullness of time we’ll all understand!

I felt inspired to write “Hope of the Resurrection” after visiting several Christian bookstores, and seeing numerous titles, such as “To Heaven and Back”, “Ninety Minutes in Heaven”, and “Heaven is for Real”. Conspicuous by its absence, I found that there were no equal books that discussed the resurrection hope in Christ. (I have since discovered NT Wright’s book “Surprised by Hope” that also emphasises a Biblical resurrection hope). But, largely, books on Heaven vastly outnumber those on Resurrection.

My book’s original intended audience was simply for the “man on the street” – folk who may have casually heard about God, and who may be seeking answers following the loss of a loved one. The book has already been read by many thousands of people since it was first published in 2010, and I am delighted to constantly receive very positive responses from people whose lives have been significantly helped.


John Klassek


Third edition

This week we took delivery of 5000 copies of the third edition of my book Hope of the Resurrection.

With a completely new cover, an additional new closing chapter, and hundreds of edits and revisions, we’re looking forward to continuing sharing the best news we could ever hear.

As funds allow, we’re planning on advertising in a variety of newspapers and journals. The advert we’ve developed is simple, clean and gives a short introduction to the book.

While working on this edition, several people suggested that perhaps it’s time to leave this book alone, and write a completely new book. However, I am glad to have persisted.

I received the following encouragement in an email earlier this week:

My point of all this: I see a great parallel to John’s motivation to write the book.

  • Only a MINORITY understands the 2nd resurrection
  • This truth has been held CHAINED for far too long
  • It needs to be set free - it’s time to SPEAK UP in whatever way or language
  • So that it may be PRESERVED and passed on to the next generation… by word or by film!

Keep on (re)writing this theme, John

If you would like an updated copy, or know of someone who would benefit from “the warm and hope-filled words of Jesus”, simply write, email, call or complete our online request, and we’ll post a copy to you straight away.


Dowerin Field Day setup

Rebecca and I are leaving tomorrow to attend the International Ministerial Congress near London in the UK. The Dowerin Field Day in Western Australia will also be on again during this time, so I travelled to Dowerin this morning to setup a gospel stall there. The stall will feature free Bibles, gospel literature as well as the book Hope of the Resurrection.

Many thanks to those volunteers who have offered to man the stall during this annual event. An attendance of between 10,000 to 15,000 is expected over two days.

Book promotion

We’re running a series of newspaper advertisements promoting our new book “Hope of the Resurrection”.

Over the past month we have had a remarkable launch to this exciting book, and the reviews we’ve received have been overwhelmingly positive.

We’re offering this book at no cost because we believe the gospel should never have a price tag. We also know that you’ll not only enjoy this book but probably be moved by it. It’s not the sort of subject we can ignore – because the news is so good.

New book

We would like to offer you a new, free book titled “Hope of the Resurrection”. Published just this month, there’s no cost, no follow up, just our gift to you. You may also like to watch a short interview that provides a little background to the book. http://www.message7.org/2010/bookresu_yt.htm

Hope of the Resurrection book coverThe “Hope of the Resurrection” is currently in its first edition. It is an easy-to-read book that simply asks those big questions: What does the Bible say about it, what did Jesus teach about it, and how did the first Christians understand and articulate this hope?

We hope you enjoy reading it, and that you’re encouraged and inspired to embrace the best news we could ever hear.

Order your free copy now.

John Klassek

PS Let us know your comments. We’d love to hear from you.