Luke warm fence-sitter

It’s surprising how many of us are mediocre when it comes to God. We’re just lukewarm, feeling quite safe on the fence.

Fence-sitting means we can allegedly have the best of both worlds. If God is true, then we’ll be on His side, but for the most part, we’re happy to go along with the crowd. Pity we forget just what Jesus says about being lukewarm!

These latest two short films challenges this indifference. It is our prayer that you’ll join us in responding to God’s love with all our heart and mind and soul and strength.

Part 2

Written and produced by John Klassek
(Elder, Film Producer, IT Support)

Love from Grandpa

NY Tropfest 2013 short film entry.

Perhaps one of our most ambitious short films yet, and perhaps also one of the most loved. Many thanks to Peter Cox and Samantha Zinner for their wonderful character portrayals. Thanks to Hannah Klassek for her cinematography, and all those who have helped, encouraged, and blessed us in the making of this film. Enjoy.