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Resurrection Life

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Our work is simply to share the good news of Jesus Christ via online film and video. What was personally witnessed by his disciples was eventually committed to parchment and further traversed the known world by wooden sailing ships. Centuries later it was printed into book form. In more recent times, this good news was broadcast on radio, television and now further reaching the lost via digital media. This ageless message of hope continues to herald the call to repentance and forgiveness, with a life of transcendent meaning and identity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray that the timeless message of good news in Jesus helps us in our faith journey. There is no other way. There is no other truth. Only in Jesus do we have hope, meaning, purpose and identity.

The Resurrection of Jesus - true or false?

The Resurrection of Jesus

Exploring the central pillar of faith in Jesus Christ. It's easy enough to believe in Jesus as a historical figure, and plausible to believe in his brutal and tortuous death. But, to believe in his literal, bodily resurrection is a quantum leap of faith and onto a whole new and vigorous narrative. 27 min.

Be confronted. Be comforted.
Meet the Lord Jesus Christ!

"Receive, Return, Resurrection and Rest" pervade many of our gospel films.

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There is no greater joy than knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him finding our true identity, vision, courage and clarity, purpose, meaning and destiny.

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