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Messageweek Media Ministries

Objections to Sabbath Rest

Fact or fiction: Jesus was crucified on a Friday and resurrected on a Sunday morning? Exploring Biblical and verifiable truth makes it immediately easy to see that Saturday Sabbath rest was never changed to any other day of the week. 23 min. #762

Messageweek Media Ministries

Leading with a Limp

Witnesses to great miracles exist not as we might first imagine. Injured but better off! Broken but not beaten, suffering for the name of Jesus leads to empowerment, encouragement and elevation. 31 min. #761

Messageweek Media Ministries

Seven Love Letters

Imagine receiving a love letter that was not only full of praise, but in its honesty also caused deep soul-searching! 28 min. #760

Messageweek Media Ministries

Water into Wine

Totally transformed from the menial and ceremonial into that which is the finest, celebrated, full-bodied and rich in character - and forever remembered. 9 min. #759

Messageweek Media Ministries

From Repentance to Reward

The journey from repentance to reward also features redemption, righteousness, reconciliation, resurrection, return, revelation and rest.
34 min. #758

Messageweek Media Ministries

The Resurrection Life

From blueprint to clay model, through the fiery furnace to eventually becoming a vessel of glory - living the resurrection life today.
24 min. #757

Messageweek Media Ministries

Jesus, Strong and Kind

Vocals and keyboard as presented by Rebecca Klassek.
(Song by CityAlight.) 4 min. #756

Messageweek Media Ministries

Setting an Example

An ethos and model of exemplary behaviour, endeavour and morality we're called to in Jesus Christ. 38 min. #755

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